Member Benefits

America’s Boating Club has leveraged its membership base to provide discounted prices for its members from a wide selection of sources. Go to: .


How To Join

Joining is easy –  pick the method that works for you.

  • Our Membership Chairman is Mac McCullough and he can be reached at 906-863-1136 or email.
  • We can contact you.
  • Join now over the internet.
    • After filling out an application form and submitting credit card info to pay your annual dues, you will be assigned a certificate number and registered to receive our national magazine – The Ensign and our electronic newsletter – COMPASS. The certificate number will allow you to take member courses and provide access to member only areas on our web site. Within 7-10 working days you will receive a new member’s kit and your membership card. You will also receive a complimentary copy of America’s Boating Course, a complete home study program covering the basics of recreational boating. The first year’s membership for an individual is $97.00 and $128.00 for the entire family.
    • Squadron’s are the backbone of the organization. They teach courses, perform civic services such as vessel examinations and cooperative charting, as well as conducting boating and social activities. To get the most from your membership, it is very important that you become a member of a squadron. Nearby squadrons will be notified of your joining and encouraged to contact you. You will also be provided with the contact information of squadrons near you.



Current Members

The roster information for the squadron is maintained as part of the national database. Keeping your profile secure has required certain security protocols.  In addition, this database is dependent upon your contact information remaining up to date.  For example, if your email address changes, or you’ve given up using a land-line and have switched to a cell phone, you can  directly update your information which will allow your friends in your squadron to remain in touch with you.

To log into the USPS national system:

To View the Marinette-Menominee Roster:

To Update My Profile:


If you’ve forgotten you PIN, follow this procedure:

  • When you get the logon failure notice, click on the “ReSubmit” button
  • Click on the link for the “Security Information” pages.
  • Enter your certificate number
  • If you do not remember your security question
    • Click on I don’t know my security question
    • Click Continue
    • Your Security Question will be sent to your email address of record in the national membership database
  • If you know your security question
    • Click on I know my security question
    • Select your security question
    • Click Continue
    • Enter the answer to your security question
    • Click Continue
  • Your PIN will be sent to your email address of record in the national membership database

One last important note: If you do not have a valid email address in your membership/biographical information profile on the national database, you will not be able to receive the email messages concerning security questions or PINs mentioned above.

To change your email address, contact your squadron roster chairperson to update your email address. If you do not know your roster chairperson, you can use the “Manage your own Profile” link under “Membership Information” on the Information Center page, Your email address change and other information changes will be forwarded to someone in your squadron who will be able to make the updates to the national database.


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